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Frequently Asked Questions

Public Servers

On public servers your points depends on the number of players during a round and your finishing place. The more players and the better position, the more points you will be awarded.

Tournament Mode

1st - 20pts, 2nd - 16pts, 3rd - 14pts, 4th - 12pts, 5th - 10pts, 6th - 8pts, 7th - 6pts, 8th - 4pts, 9th - 3pts, 10th - 2pts, 11-20th - 1pt.

It works exactly the same as the scoring system. 1 score equals 1 experience point. Please note that you don't gain XP in private lobbies and tournament matches.

Currently, the highest level possible for a player to reach is level 20. We might increase the maximum level in the future.

Boxes may contain Snowballs, Molotovs, Bouce Grenades, Revolvers, Health Shots and Breach Charges (Known from DZ gamemode).

Snowball - 30% (Freezing opponents up to 5 seconds)
Bouce Grenade - 20%
Molotov - 20%
Revolver - 10% (Slowing down opponents)
Breach Charge - 5%
Flashbang - 5%
Health Shot - 5% (+25HP and boost speed for 5 seconds)
Slowmo - 5% (Negative item).

No, teaming with other players is not allowed and may result in a ban.

Yes, however private lobbies are in the beta stage and only selected people have access to it. If you are a streamer or youtuber you can ask for an access on our Twitter.

It will be possible in the future. There is no ETA for now.