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When does the leaderboard reset?

The leaderboard resets every 1st of the month.

How does the points/scoring system work?

Your points depends on your finishing place, number of players and number of kills.

Finishing a race +4 points.
Kill +1 point.

Formula: Your points = total number of players during a round * 4 + 4 - your place. So if you win a round with 20 players you will get 80 points + kill points.

What is inside the Boxes?

Boxes may contain SMGs, Scouts, Snowballs, Molotovs, Bouce Grenades, Health Shots and Breach Charges (Known from DZ gamemode).

Snowball - 35% (Freezing opponents up to 5 seconds)
Push Grenade - 15%
Molotov - 15%
SMG - 10% (2 bullets)
Scout - 5%
Breach Charge - 5%
Flashbang - 5%
Health Shot - 5% (+25HP and boost speed for 5 seconds)
Slowmo - 5% (Negative item)

Is teaming allowed?

No, teaming with other players is not allowed and may result in a ban.

Can I host a Death Racers server?

It will be possible in the future. There is no ETA for that yet.